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Sunday, September 24, 2017  
Thrust 2: Physics of Failure of Non-Contacting, Large Displacement MEMs/NEMs Acuators  
  1. Develop an improved understanding of the fundamental science governing the operation of of non-contacting, large displacement MEMs/NEMs Acuators.
  2. Implement this understanding into multi-physics, stochastic models that emulate the underlying principles, account for impact of fabrication process induced variations and uncertanties in geometric and material parameters on device performance.
  3. Reduce these models to fast behavioral macro-models suitable for expediant design iteration and predictive assessment of performance degradation and lifetime reliability.
  4. Validate both the physics and resulting models using test structures and specific MEMs acuators.


IMPACT Center for Advancement of MEMS/NEMS VLSI. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Beckman Institute. 405 North Mathews Avenue. Urbana, IL 61801 USA
+1 (217) 265.8435; info at mems-vlsi.ece.uiuc.edu
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